For "Awake and Sing!" at the Huntington Theatre:

"Moe Axelrod ... is played by Eric T. Miller with a raffish, rough-edged charm."

-The Boston Globe

"Eric T. Miller creates the most complex and memorable character ... out to grab what he can."


"Eric T. Miller is especially strong as Moe Axelrod ... finding both likeability and vulnerability just beneath the surface of Moe's rough, thuggish essence."

-Metro (Boston)

"Miller balances Moe’s tough-talking exterior with a tenderness that honors Jacob’s integrity, encourages Ralph’s spirit, and melts Hennie’s heart."

-The Arts Fuse Magazine


For Julien Schwab's "rogerandtom":

 "'rogerandtom' wouldn't be nearly as potent without the three excellent performances ... Mr. Miller makes an expressive, skeptical, relatable Roger." 

-New York Times (Critic's Pick) 

" ... the more nuts things get (and they get pretty nuts) the more fun this light, whimsical, very-well acted play about the imagination is." 

-The New Yorker

"Eric T. Miller shines brightest in his role of the 'everyman' Roger, who gets swept up into the world of actors.  Miller's subtlety in pulling the audience to his side is remarkable.  I was with him the whole way."



For Scott Hudson's "Sweet Storm":

In "this two-person one-act ... the players are well matched, neither eclipsing the other, with Mr. Miller's spirited optimism a fine counterpoint to Ms. Dunn's flinty hauteur." 

-The New York Times 

 "This show is largely about surprise, not the least of which is the beauty and originality of the script and the unusual precision and abandon of the two actors ..."  

-The New Yorker

"Jamie Dunn and Eric T. Miller give refreshing, uncynical perfs ..." 


"Two fetching performances breathe indelible life into Scott Hudson’s evocative Sweet Storm ... In Bo, Miller delivers a genuinely touching portrait of a good man ...” 

 -Backstage (Critic's Pick)

"Miller's southern gentleman is a marvel." 



For Tim Pinckney's "Ever So Humble":

" ... working with Eric T. Miller, who tumbles out of bed likeable, the three create a lifelong friendship that feels real and ups the stakes for both humor and drama." 

-The Ithaca Times


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